Privacy Agreement Lawyer Update: You need to tell web visitors what information you’re collecting and what you’re doing with it.

One of the most often-overlooked website agreements is the privacy policy or privacy agreement posted on your website.  Your privacy policy is incredibly important.  A privacy policy lawyer knows how to gather the information from you in order to determine what particular provisions need to go in your privacy policy.  You cannot cut and paste someone else’s privacy policy or use a privacy policy form or template to draft your privacy policy.  The reason is simple.  Everyone runs their website different from others including their competitors.  You may be using Google Analytics to collect data.  They may be using some other analytics program.  You may be collecting email addresses.  They may not be collecting email addresses.  You may be sending a newsletter with those email addresses.  They may be turning those email addresses over to advertisers.

The fundamental promise of a  privacy policy is this.  Your lawyer or attorney will tell you that you need to identify all of the data that you are collecting about web visitors, registered users and others who visit your website.  You then need to disclose exactly what you are doing with all of the information collected.  If the information is personally identifiable information, which essentially means that it is information personal to the user which could, along with other information, be used to identify the user, then you have special requirements you must comply with

Contact a privacy policy lawyer today in order to better understand your options for your very important website agreement known as the privacy policy.

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