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Founders’ Friday: Should You Bootstrap or Finance Your Startup?

Before digging deeper, let’s start with a question: what do a self-made millionaire and a venture-backed millionaire have in common?  Yes, that’s right, so with that in mind, now we can discuss the fact that you have a great new business idea and are ready to make your idea a reality. You will undoubtedly be […]

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Founders’ Friday: Legal Agreements Preserve and Protect Your Growing Business

Any Founder, especially a repeat-Founder, will tell you that the proverb of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies to legal agreements.  As a start-up business owner you will need several critical written agreements to assist in securing and growing your business. Unless you go it alone without any legal assistance, […]

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Founders’ Friday: Owning IP Increases Business Value

Don’t just think about IP ownership in a vacuum.  Think about IP from a business perspective, or, perhaps, as Puff Daddy said best: “It’s all about the Benjamins baby!” Once Founders have made the decision to protect their business’ Intellectual Property (“IP”), whether it be in the form of a trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret, […]

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Founders’ Friday: What’s Your Big Idea?

In addition to spending time creating business plans, marketing plans, and succession plans, founders should make sure that they are developing a sound plan for handling their company’s intellectual property (aka your big idea).  The reality is that every startup began with an idea.  Existing businesses typically come up with new ideas as well.  Regardless […]

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Founders’ Friday: Choice of Business Entity

It is a question we get all the time. What kind of business entity should I use for my new company? To answer, we must first highlight the different business entities founders can select for starting their new business and then outline some important questions to ask when choosing the right entity. There are four […]

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Founders’ Friday: From Idea to Exit

With the news breaking, particularly loudly in our office here in Austin, Texas, of Amazon buying Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion, I am reminded of how a simple idea can ultimately turn into a successful exit for a company.  In 1978, the co-founders of what is now Whole Foods had an idea — create a […]

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Post M&A IP Reminders and Considerations

Congratulations, you have done your due diligence, navigated all the pre-closing activities and legalities and closed your transaction.  Now operations begin, including post-closing obligations (not to mention successful integration into your business).  One of the most important post-M&A activities relates to intellectual property (IP), including patent, trademark and copyright registrations.  In fact, this also includes […]

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Top 10 Startup Considerations

Startups face a multitude of decisions: some have to be made at the outset and many along the way. Having experienced legal counsel assist with making those decisions at the start can go a long way to ensure that the decisions made down-the-line are in furtherance of achieving the company’s goals, rather than fixing issues […]

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