5 Tips for Brands Launching NFT Projects

Enrico Schaefer - March 25, 2022 - Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)


In this video, Blockchain attorney Enrico Schaefer identifies key legal issues every brand, marketing agency, or project point person needs to be thinking about before launching an NFT project for a company.

Are major brands are dropping NFTs? The answer might surprise you. Most of the major brands in the world have either dropped an NFT, are experimenting with NFTs or have an NFT project on the project list in the marketing department. Major brands and their marketing agencies understand that NFTs offer new and innovative marketing and Public Relations opportunities. In this video, you will learn about the issues these brands and marketing companies are considering when they talk bout NFT projects.

What big brand names are dropping NFTs?

The list of companies that have launched NFT projects is too many to name: Coca Cola, Pepsi, Marriott Hotels, BMW, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Bugatti, Disney, the NFL, the UFC, Gucci, Ray-Ban, Asics, Charmin, Hot Wheels, GameStop, Disney, McLaren, AMC Theaters, Adidas, CNN, Alpha Romea, Nike, the NBS, Pringles, Ubisoft, the UFC, Budweiser, Samsung, the Associated Press, Formula 1, CNN, Coach, and many others.

NFTs offer creative and innovative opportunities for brands that are just being identified and explored, with no limits on the possibilities except the imagination. NFTs are can enhance your branding, build your community, and inspire engagement over time. NFTs can identify your influencers and evangelists in ways we have never seen before.

Why are nearly all big brands launching NFT projects?

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Legal tips for Brands looking to use NFTs for branding, community building, and engagement.

Watch the video below for all the details from blockchain and NFT attorney Enrico Schaefer. Enrico dives deep into these invaluable 5 legal tips for brands and their marketing agencies considering NFTs.

NFT Legal Tip #1: Match Your Legal to Your Goals

NFT legal issues are in some ways the same as any other marketing campaign. But there are new legal issues as well.

NFT Legal Tip #2 For Brands: Protect Your Intellectual Property

Trademarks, copyrights, ideas, and publicity rights should always be top of mind for any new NFT project. Unfortunately, intellectual property protection is often overlooked.

NFT Legal Tip #3: Your Token Contract is on The BLockchain Forever

There are two contracts with every NFT drop. The first is the token contract and it goes on the blockchain.

NFT Legal Tip #4 – Draft Your Linked Digital Asset Contract Correctly.

The second contract with every NFT project is the linked digital asset contract which either assigns and licenses the copyrighted image, video or audio file to the NFT buyer.

NFT Legal Tip #5 – Be Prepared to Evolve.

NFT projects are often forever projects. There is no end. The NFT is a sub-brand of your brand, requiring endless attention. Developing methods that allow the NFT project to evolve and grow requires the NFT community to solve one big issue. How do you modify the token contract and/or linked digital asset agreement after launch?

The NFT Lawyer Video: Five Legal Tips for Brands Considering NFTs.

You are a brand interested in NFTs. You are a marketing agency wanting to use NFTs to help your brands grow and innovate. You are a point person in charge of an NFT project. You are an attorney trying to understand the legal issues you will face if your client drops an NFT project. This video is for you.

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