Billing Policy

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Billing Policy

Traverse Legal, PLC includes this Billing Policy as part of your retention of this law firm to provide the legal services set forth in your Service Description and/or Retention Agreement. We will represent and assist you with your matter and work under your direction, within the bounds of the law and our legal ethics.

You have agreed in retaining our firm to pay all attorneys fees and out-of-pocket costs upon receipt of a bill, including any retainer required. Out-of-pocket costs include, without limitation, travel (flight, mileage, lodging, meals), court costs, messenger and delivery services, postage charges, computerized research, filing fees, document ordering costs, translation fees, maintenance fees, docketing fees, and other similar costs and expenses. Flat fee services, which are based upon an experience-based estimate of the value of the services and the time we expect to spend on the project include those costs identified, are earned at the time of payment and are non-refundable if services are terminated by you prior to completion of the engagement. Upon completion of the defined deliverables in a flat fee project, you agree that Traverse Legal, PLC will bill, and you will pay for, its customary hourly rates for any additional services, absent separate written agreement. Although you will receive a bill to whatever entity you designate, you will be personally responsible for our services. Your failure to pay fees and/or costs on a timely basis could delay or suspend services and significantly harm your rights.

While we are always willing to work with clients on budgets, clients must be aware that estimates and budgets are inherently imprecise and subject to unanticipated events. Actual amounts billed may therefore be different than budgeted or estimated amounts.

No statement made to you by anyone at Traverse Legal, PLC should be construed as a promise or guarantee concerning the outcome of your matter. The law is not always fair and is difficult to predict. Therefore, we cannot and do not make such promises or guarantees.

Traverse Legal, PLC’s attorneys are licensed to practice law only in those jurisdictions where they have secured a license, such as Michigan. Should your matter require that Traverse Legal, PLC’s attorneys practice in a state in which they are not licensed, Traverse Legal, PLC’s attorneys must associate with other attorneys locally in jurisdictions in which they are not licensed and your relationship with such local attorneys and fee arrangement is separate from that with Traverse Legal, PLC.

You may discharge Traverse Legal, PLC at any time by providing written notice, and where applicable, a substitution of attorney. Traverse Legal, PLC may withdraw representation at any time where it makes a good faith determination during the course of investigating or handling your matter that such action is untenable, not economically viable or a successful conclusion not possible. In the event of discharge or withdrawal, you remain obligated to pay Traverse Legal, PLC for any outstanding balance for services provided and to reimburse Traverse Legal, PLC for any and all costs advanced. The file and any materials compiled by Traverse Legal, PLC during the course of representation will remain the property of Traverse Legal, PLC. You may not use any work-product created by Traverse Legal, PLC beyond the scope of your agreement and may not indicate that Traverse Legal, PLC, or any of its attorneys/staff, are your legal counsel outside the scope of this agreement. Upon conclusion of the representation, Traverse Legal, PLC will maintain the file for at least six (6) years, but thereafter may dispose of it.

If you have any questions regarding this Billing Policy or your retention of Traverse Legal, PLC, please discuss those questions or issues with us prior to remitting any payment as payment serves as your express acceptance of the terms of our relationship. You acknowledge that you have made a sufficient investigation and inquiry to determine that your agreement with Traverse Legal, PLC is reasonable and that you are fully satisfied with the terms.





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