What to Do When Your Airbnb Host Account is Locked, Disabled, Suspended or Deactivated

Airbnb is Disabling, Suspending, Locking, Deactivating, and Terminating Host Accounts Without Cause. Host Account Termination is Becoming Rampant.  All Too Often, the Account Termination is Unjustified.

Our STR lawyers represent hundreds of Airbnb and VRBO Hosts, many of which have 5-star ratings or are super-hosts.   Airbnb’s “Trust and Safety” team is reviewing, suspending, deactivating, disabling and terminating Host accounts without notice, cause, or explanation for why they are being kicked off the platform.  Account termination often happens without warning or any justification. Calendars are being blocked, and future reservations are being canceled.  In many instances, these reviews occur because of false, defamatory, or bogus guest complaints and sometimes because of extortion by guests seeking refunds or trying to avoid bad reviews.  We have clients whose accounts are being reviewed, suspended, or terminated because they filed legitimate Host Gaurnateee claims that Airbnb wrongly disputes.  Criminal background checks come from companies that sometimes provide wrong or outdated information.  Our attorneys have worked with Hosts who were removed from the platform, and Airbnb thereafter admitted that they made an error before reactivating their accounts.

What to do if Airbnb conducts an account review and throws you off the platform? Can account termination decisions by Airbnb be reversed?

An Airbnb host who is suspended or suffers an account termination or deactivation can still make contact with Customer Support.  Emails rarely work, as Airbnb simply sends you an automated response with no explanation, reason, or justification.  You should always call Customer Support, ask to speak to the Trust and Safety Team, and open a line of communication.

Trust and Safety will rarely tell you ‘why’ you are suspended, deactivated, or terminated.  Sometimes, a Host will know why Airbnb deactivated their account because of prior communications with a disgruntled guest.  If the guest threatened you with extortion or otherwise engaged in bad behavior which violated Airbnb Terms of Service, you should make sure the support representative is aware of these facts.  Sometimes, Airbnb says you have a prior criminal record or conviction due to a background check.  If you can not guess why Airbnb is suspending your account, placing it ‘under review, disabling or terminating it, then you are likely without any leverage to keep your account active.

Our Airbnb lawyers have received numerous complaints from Hosts who suspect that they were terminated or had their Airbnb account deactivated because they filed a large Host Guarantee claim or numerous legitimate claims.  Airbnb can not terminate your Hosting Account because your filed legitimate Host Gaunree Claims. This is a breach of Airbnb’s Terms of Service.

Other Possible Reasons for Deactivation, Suspension, Termiantion or Removal:

  1. Allegations of discrimination by a   complaining guest..
  2. Prior criminal record.
  3. Association with a co-host or account access employee with a prior criminal conviction.
  4. Violation of Airbnb’s terms or policies.
  5. Rental contract terms are in conflict with Airbnb’s terms of service or policies.

Other Consequences of Airbnb Account Suspension, Removal, or Termination.

There are other consequences to removal. When you can no longer log in to your account, you can not make existing reservations, receive earned payouts, or obtain your tax information.  If your account is suspended, your calendar will be locked, and you will not be able to accept any more bookings.

What to Do If You Are Thrown Off or Removed From the Airbnb or VRBO Platform?

If your Hosting account has been affected by a false Airbnb Trust and Safety team or VRBO decision, contact us to review your matter.   While VRBO and Airbnb retain some discretion over account termination under the Terms of Service, Airbnb can still be liable for breaching the Terms in certain instances of account removal or termination.