How to become a gTLD Registry as part of ICANN’s new gTLD Program

traverselegal - May 8, 2014 - New gTLD Application Process, New gTLD Issues

Many brands are wondering how to become a gTLD Registry as part of ICANN’s new gTLD program.  Almost two thousand applicants put in applications under the ICANN Applicant Guidebook to become a gTLD Registry.  Once all is said and done, there will over one thousand new gTLD Registries coming online over the next 18 months or so.

What many companies fail to understand is that a gTLD Registry allows you to control your brand online.  Any company looking to become a Registry will be able to ensure that no one else can register a domain name on their gTLD.  Over half of the most innovative companies as listed by Boston Consulting Group, 28 out of 50, have applied to become dot-brand registries.  Companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Audi, CitiGroup, AOL, General Motors, Microsoft and Walmart, to name a few, are all going to exist to the right of the dot.  For many companies, the application process for registering to become a new gTLD Registry is extremely confusing.  Our law firm represents over thirty-five applications by applicants to become registries for new gTLDs.  Our domain name attorneys understand the ICANN Application process, as well as the contracts that need to be drafted between registrars and registries, between registries and registry-service providers, and among many other legal and transactional relationships which need to be formed in order to get through the process.

What many people don’t understand is that ICANN will be opening up the gTLD Application process again once this round of applications have been delegated.  If your company is looking for a lawyer who can provide niche experience on the gTLD application process, the nuances and legal issues surrounding the process of becoming a gTLD Registry or the Application Guidebook, which is the contract between Applicant and ICANN to get through the application process, we have a lawyer who can provide you with the insights you will need.

Over the next twenty years, countless new registries will roll out under ICANN’s guidance.  Many companies will launch their brands as gTLDs registries where they will have complete control over their brand, over domain registrations on their dot-brand registry and can create niche marketing campaigns based on key words which will shorten the URL length for consumers and make more memorable gTLD experiences for everyone.

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