Can I Patent my Biotechnology or Life Sciences Invention?

traverselegal - September 22, 2014 - Patent

The recent Myriad U.S. Supreme Court decision has limited the patentability of biotechnology and life sciences inventions. In light of the Myriad decision, the USPTO has instituted new guidelines for patenting natural substances. Can natural substances or naturally occurring products still be patent eligible? The first question that needs to be answered, though, is whether your invention constitutes a “natural substance.” Is my chemical, mineral, food, organism, DNA/RNA, or protein patentable? If so, what additional requirements are needed to patent natural substances or naturally occurring products? Any invention that includes a natural product/substance or that uses a natural product/substance will be affected by these new patent laws. So, what should biotechnology and life science inventors do to help them protect their inventions and achieve patentable subject matter?

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