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2012 USPTO Data Disclaimer

You are viewing a compiled list of data from a variety of data obtained from the United States patent and trademark office and available through Google data download. We have built scripts to pull and analyze USPTO data. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the compiled data. Oftentimes, there are errors resulting from a variety of issues such as changes in law firm, attorney of record, and company designations within the database. We have attempted to clean up all known data errors. If you see a data or scripting error, please send an e-mail to USPTO.data@traverselegal.com.

Please be aware that the data displayed on this website concerning trademarks registered in 2012 is already publicly available through a variety of different sources including www.USPTO.gov. We arm not making any new data publicly available which is not already publicly available.

By viewing or using the USPTO data available through this website you agree to the following terms, it in addition to the general Terms of Use | Copyright | Privacy Policy. To the extent the terms on this page are inconsistent with the general terms found in the links in the prior sentence, the terms and this page shall control.

Special Note About “Company” Data: Please be aware that the top 100 companies listed as applying for trademark registration only includes those applications filed with the company as the filing entity. To the extent any company used attorneys as the filing entity, those entries will not be included in the tabulation.


The data displayed concerning 2012 trademark registrations at the USPTO is for informational and entertainment uses only. View and use this data at your own risk. This data is made available “AS IS” and all warranties of any kind are hereby disclaimed. Please be aware that compiled data as reported on this website is copyright protected. No commercial use of the reported or displayed data may be made without the express written permission of Traverse Legal PLC. In all cases, attribution with a link to the relevant webpage on www.TraverseLegal.com displaying the reference data is required.


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