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Tired of people ripping off your website text, images, pictures, design and other content?


Legal Placard

We have the answer. Add our “Traverse Legal Placard” to your CopyShield service.  By adding our logo and link to your CopyShield system, you tell the world that any unauthorized use of your website content (text, pictures, videos, design, html, etc) will be brought to the attention of Traverse Legal’s copyright lawyers.

CopyShield is a technology that allows you to protect your website content, images, text, graphics, videos and other copyright protectable content from infringement or use without your knowledge and permission. Copy-Shield’s content protecting code that allows website owners the ability to prevent content theft, and protect from content infrigement. The tracking feature can collect information about the alert’s triggering event, timestamp, viewer’s IP address, the viewer’s computer’s username (in some circumstances when the site is ripped/saved), their ip’s geological location, their ip’s internet service provider, and the type of browser/operating system that the viewer was using.

Traverse Legal is a top internet law and copyright protection law firm which offers a “Legal Placard” to be placed on your Copy-Shield infringement notice such as seen above.

What does the Legal Placard Service Cost? For a $5/monthly subscription, you can tell your website visitors that:

  1. you protect your website content.
  2. you are tracking their use of your website content.
  3. copyright and other violations will be reported to the copyright and website protection attorneys at Traverse Legal, PLC.

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