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Enrico Schaefer, Attorney—View Bio >
Complex Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation, Internet Lawyer, Trademark Registration, Trademark Litigation, Copyright Litigation, Non-Compete Law, Trade Secret Law, Internet Defamation, Idea Protection, Cybersquatting, Business Start-Up, Commercial, Ecommerce & Business Law
Mark Clark, Attorney—View Bio >
Complex Litigation, Internet Law, Copyright Infringement, Copyright Litigation, Non-Compete Law, Trade Secret Law, Internet Defamation, Website Agreements
Brian A. Hall, Attorney—View Bio >
Complex Litigation, Internet Law, Trademark Registration, Trademark Infringement, Trademark Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation, Idea Protection, Cybersquatting, Internet Defamation
Registered patent attorney practicing in patent, trademark, copyright, and internet law. Specifically, Tony focuses his practice on evaluating invention disclosures, preparing and prosecuting patent applications, patent searching, and providing patent opinions.
Mass Tort, Personal Injury, Complex Litigation – West Coast Office: Los Angeles (Encino), California
Adrianos M. Facchetti, Attorney, Of Counsel—View Bio >
Civil Litigation; Defamation, Libel and Slander Cases; Anti-SLAPP Motions & Appeals
Legal Assistants, Paralegals and Staff

Denise Bickel
Pam Burton
Pat Buttermore
Cathy A. Maddasion

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