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Website Agreement Forms Are for Companies Who Can’t Afford Legal Services

You need a website agreement that is going to capture the essence of your business model. Many companies – when they’re looking for these initial website agreements, especially when they’re start-ups – go to the Internet and look for a website agreement form or to a website that offers a variety of website forms on […]

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Is it Legal to Copy a Terms of Service, Terms of Use or Privacy Agreement from Someone Else’s Website?

We get contacted from prospective clients almost on a daily basis asking if it is OK to use a website agreement form or copy and paste someone else’s website agreement into their own website. Is it illegal to copy someone else’s terms of use and place it onto their own website? Is it illegal to […]

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An Internet Lawyer’s Tips for Protecting a Website

Welcome to Internet Law Radio where we discuss the hottest topics in Internet law.  If you are facing an Internet law issue, cyber law complaint, website or e-commerce issue, we have an Internet lawyer and website lawyer ready to help. This is Brian Hall, an internet law lawyer with Traverse Legal, PLC, a law firm […]

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