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Commercial Non-Competes

The Michigan Supreme Court recently established a new rule clarifying that non-competes, which are  commercial nature, and in this case a non-compete between two businesses, are to be evaluated for the reasonableness under a new standard. Traditionally, non-competes in Michigan were evaluated under a reasonableness standard, MCL 445.774(a), which was a statute, under the Michigan […]

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Employee Defenses to Non-Compete Enforcement

Welcome to Traverse Legal Radio. Today’s program is brought to you by Traverse Legal PLC a law firm specializing in internet law, cybersquatting, intellectual property, domain dispute, defamation of character, and technology company representation. Good afternoon. My name is Mark Clark I am an attorney at Traverse Legal PLC. I practice in the non-compete area.   […]

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Is Your Non-Compete Agreement Subject to Blue-Penciling?

Is your non-compete subject to blue pencil? Different jurisdictions may allow it while others may not. Find out whether your non-compete agreement is subject to blue pencil.

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