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Taking Down Defamatory Post on Facebook

Facebook has recently updated their Community Standards for posting on its website. Such things as nudity, such as fully exposed buttocks and female breast including showing the nipple (unless breastfeeding), revenge porn, hate speech, self-injury, dangerous organizations, bullying, harassment, criminal activity, sexual violence and exploitation, or violence and graphic content will not be allowed.

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Removing Defamation from Facebook and Twitter: Defamation Lawyer Insights

Defamation on Facebook and Twitter:  Defamation on Facebook and Twitter is becoming more and more common every single day because it’s so easy to post a comment or an item onto your Facebook wall or onto your Twitter account. And because emotions run high sometimes, that spontaneous compulsion in you to say something really mean […]

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Michigan Defamation Law: MCL 600.2911 – Libel or Slander

As a defamation attorney practicing across the United States, with lawyers and offices in Michigan, we handle a large number of Michigan libel and slander cases. If you plan on filing a lawsuit for defamation, you will need an experienced local attorney licensed to practice in the state in which you plan to file a lawsuit.

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Legal Elements of Defamation, Slander & Libel.

Question:  What are the legal elements which must be proven in a defamation, libel or slander lawsuit? Answer: Defamation can occur in written form (libel) or spoken form (slander). In order for a plaintiff to prove defamation of character for either libel or slander claims, the person defamed must prove the following. A false statement […]

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