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ICANN New gTLD Question: How will ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse work? – YouTube Video

YouTube video regarding how trademarks are going to be handled and how do I know if someone is trying to register a string that I consider my own?

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Intellectual Property: Trademark Rights

Welcome to Trademark Law Radio, a top web resource on issues of trademark infringement, trademark licensing, trademark protection, and trademark registration. My name is Enrico Schaefer and I specialize in trademark and intellectual property issues.  Today, we’re going to be talking a bit about intellectual property and trademark rights.  Some of the questions we receive […]

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Website Privacy Policy Contract Drafting Sample

  Many clients want to know whether or not they should use a website agreement forms service, cut and paste their competitors’ website agreement for use on their site or whether they should start from scratch and have their website agreements specifically customized towards their website and the way they conduct business on the internet. […]

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