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Taking Down Defamatory Post on Facebook

Facebook has recently updated their Community Standards for posting on its website. Such things as nudity, such as fully exposed buttocks and female breast including showing the nipple (unless breastfeeding), revenge porn, hate speech, self-injury, dangerous organizations, bullying, harassment, criminal activity, sexual violence and exploitation, or violence and graphic content will not be allowed.

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Your Review May Now Be Protected

The State of California has now enacted a state law that takes effect in 2015 which prohibits companies from charging consumers for the posting of a negative review.

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A Possible Defense Against Defamation Statements

There are some instances whereby libelous statements may be allowed, of course, under certain circumstances. The fair report privilege can be used to defend against a defamation lawsuit.

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How Does the Court Decide Whether Something is Defamatory?

How does the trial court decide whether or not the statements are defamatory?

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