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Class Action Against Intel alleging a defect in Intel’s x86-64x CPU

If you have a computer which includes the Intel’s x86-64x CPU and are interested in (a) learning more or (b) being included in a class action against Intel, contact us today. We have consumer class action attorneys standing by to assist and help you understand your legal rights. ‘Plaintiffs’ ‘ class action against defendant Intel […]

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Amtrak Train Crash May have Been Caused by Excessive Speed

Traverse Legal’s litigation attorney team is investigating the cause of the Amtrak passenger train which derailed 13 of its 14 cars off both sides of an overpass and onto rush hour traffic below.  The accident killed three people and injuring more than 100 others.  It has been reported that the train may have been going […]

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Data Breach Class Action: Lawyers Win Lawsuit Against Target

Lawyers in the Target class action lawsuit have recently reached a proposed settlement for the data security breach of Target’s customers during the 2013 holiday season.

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Lenovo Class Action Lawsuit: Is your Lenovo computer spying on you?

Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo Group Ltd was caught  the Superfish adware on Lenovo brand personal computers, causing class action lawyers to claim consumer fraud and invasion of privacy lawsuits.  The laptops affected by Superfish include non-ThinkPad models such as G Series, U Series, Y Series, Z Series, S Series, Flex, Miix, Yoga and E Series. […]

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TurningArt.com to Customers, “You Just Lost Your ArtCredits!”

Attorneys say TurningArt.com January 15, 2015 Change to TOS are Unlawful. Turning Art www.turnningart.com recently changed its terms of service and user contract to unlawfully and retroactively extinguish fully vested Art Credits / credits for customers beginning January 15, 2015. Here is what one user recently experienced when they went to purchase a copy of […]

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Another Possible Class-Action Lawsuit Against Google?

Google may face another class action lawsuit for alleged fraud with their AdSense program. “AdSense itself hands out too many checks each month to publishers, and that the checks were too large…”.

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