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Four Thoughts Before Bringing a Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

Once you have determined that your trademark is likely being infringed, there are a few different enforcement options you can pursue.  A cease and desist letter is typically the most cost-effective option, but particularly egregious instances of trademark infringement can often call for initiating a lawsuit. Contact one of our trademark infringement lawyers today for […]

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Founders’ Friday: Key Considerations for Startups When Negotiating Your Commercial Lease

For any company, negotiating a commercial lease on the tenant side is a complex process. For startup companies, however, there are certain issues that will be of greater importance than for the typical commercial tenant. The needs of startup and technology companies can differ significantly from those of larger, more established tenants—in particular, because they […]

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Court Ruling Aids Anonymous Online Posters in California

On July 21, 2017, California’s First District Court of Appeal issued a published opinion in ZL Technologies v. Does 1-7 (July 21, 2017) 2017 DJ DAR 6999. In its opinion, the Court established new hurdles for parties to establish the identities of online posters of defamatory statements. This decision will impact those individuals or companies who file […]

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Founders’ Friday: Top Things to Know as a Blockchain Founder

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Contracts…all of these surely make the ears of eager founders perk up.  Rightfully so, as Blockchain Technology has been considered the next big thing, destined to revolutionize the Internet and how transactions occur.  Opportunities abound, including in stock market trades or other financial transactions, including lending, land registry, smart contracts, […]

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Founders’ Friday: Top Things to Know as a SaaS Founder

The definition of a founder is “one that founds or establishes.”  Extrapolating from there, a SaaS founder is one that founds or establishes a software delivery model in which software is provided on a subscription basis and centrally hosted.  In simpler terms, it is any founder running a business that involves software as a service […]

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#FTC Compliance Coming to #Instagram

Popular social media outlet Instagram is a known for tastily inserting (obvious) advertisements into users’ feeds, but has also become a breeding ground for influencers, such as celebrities, who post glamorous shots adorned with products from various companies.  Previously, it could be impossible to know which of these influencers were just product enthusiasts or actually […]

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Founders’ Friday: How to Prioritize Legal Spend

As you launch your start-up, there are so many things competing for your limited dollars.  Whether it is marketing and advertising (e.g. Facebook Ads), website design (including mobile), product development or employee/independent contractor costs, every penny counts.  So how are you supposed to set your legal budget and prioritize your legal spend?  This is particularly […]

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License Fees

Founders’ Friday: You’ve exited, time for some Fun(d)!

Congratulations! You successfully exited your startup. You are loaded with cash (hopefully) and already contemplating the next venture to sink your teeth into. You’ve likely asked yourself, what should I do now? Retire to a beach and live the rest of your life drinking coconut water out of actual coconuts and having fun? No, you […]

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ESPN’s UDRP Complaint for NotSportsCenter.Com Fails

On June 6, 2017, ESPN filed a Uniform Domain Dispute Resolution Policy (“UDRP”) complaint with the National Arbitration Forum against the owner of NotSportsCenter.Com.  As the owner of the registered trademark SPORTSCENTER (Reg. No. 1627702), ESPN sought to have the NotSportsCenter.Com domain name transferred to their possession.  Unfortunately for ESPN, they were unable to establish […]

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Founders’ Friday: Is my Business Legal?

Is my business legal?  This is a question I get all of the time, both at the idea/infancy stage of a business as well as later on as a business iterates over time by offering new products or services. So, let me give you the quick answer: It Depends.  No, that is not a cop […]

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