What is an Internet Lawyer?

What is an Internet Lawyer?

An “internet lawyer” is an attorney with considerable experience handling legal issues that involve the Internet, web sites, online applications, technology and software.

Why Choose a Traverse Legal Internet Lawyer?

Our Internet attorneys understand how courts are handling traditional legal issues in the online space and how to access back-end data, track down anonymous web site owners and online publishers. Whether representing Internet companies, or brick and mortar companies with Internet law issues, we have an internet law attorney who can help.

What Makes a Good Internet Lawyer?

  • Understands how the internet works.
  • Has been practicing internet law for at least 20 years.
  • Understands Domain Name Registrars, Registries and Registrants.
  • Understands online infringement of trademarks and copyright.
  • Understands how the DNS (Domain Name System) works.
  • Understands ICANN policy.
  • Understands how the domain name WHOIS system works.
  • Understands how GDPR affects data and privacy issues across platforms
  • Understands the major websites and their trademark/copyright policies on use, infringement, take-down notices and unique federal laws such as the ACPA, Lanham Act, Communications Decency Act.

Contact an Experienced Internet Lawyer Today.

Contact an experienced internet law attorney today. Our lawyers know how the internet works, have experience working with major websites and social media platforms and can quickly identify legal issues.