Attorneys Handling Noncompete Law

Non-compete agreements have become increasingly prevalent – and yes, they ARE enforceable.

A Covenant Not To Compete in Michigan Can Be Enforceable

Yes, non-compete clauses and non-compete agreements can be enforceable in court. Many, many years ago they were held to be unenforceable. The Michigan legislature stepped in and passed a statute as part of its anti-trust reform and changed the law. Michigan now is under a statute which says that non-compete agreements can be enforceable to […]

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What Is Non-Compete Law?

A non-compete and trade secret agreement is a contract signed by an employee where he or she agrees that they will not engage in certain employment within a certain geographic area for a certain period of time after they quit or are fired. Likewise, a non-solicitation agreements preclude a terminated employee from contacting the employer’s […]

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