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In a sales driven economy, the pressure to “sell, sell, sell” can be overwhelming.  Startups dream of sales.  Early stage companies dream of growth.  Established companies must, at the very least, sustain.  Regardless of the product or service, sales are typically the lifeblood of any company.  But what happens if one goes too far to […]

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[Detroit, MI] In this episode of Tech Law Radio, Complex Litigation Attorneys Enrico Schaefer and Mallory King discuss tips and strategies for issuing Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 45 subpoenas to third-parties such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, and GoDaddy to increase your chances of receiving responsive information from the same.  If you are looking […]

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DETROIT MICHIGAN: We opened a Traverse Legal Detroit office to go along with Los Angeles, Austin Texas, and Traverse City Michigan on September 1, 2018. We have an amazing office overlooking Campus Martius in downtown Detroit, right off Woodward Avenue. We’re really excited to be here offering litigation services, technology company representation, representing CEOs an […]

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Has your technology, web or internet company received a subpoena from an attorney?  In this episode, litigation attorney Enrico Schaefer explains how to respond to a third party deposition and/or document production subpoena. This is attorney Enrico Schaefer. Today on the Traverse Legal Podcast we are going to be talking a little bit about litigation […]

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Complex litigation attorney Enrico Schaefer shares five (5) tips for company founders and business owners.  Watch the video below. How to document your litigation strategy by identifying and prioritizing specific goals. Litigation is a five lane highway. Don’t let your trial attorney drift from shoulder to shoulder, billing hours and wasting time.  Pick a lane […]

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