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Our Artificial Intelligence practice group is focused on helping clients capitalize on the benefits of artificial intelligence while reducing legal risks. Our AI lawyers and staff have represented technology and software companies for 30 years. We understand artificial intelligence and predictive technology and how courts will likely apply the law to AI issues. Our AI attorneys regularly advise on emerging issues related to artificial intelligence, including business contracts, corporate transactions, intellectual property, website agreements (Terms of Use, SaaS, Privacy Policy drafting), GDPR and data privacy, and other common legal issues.

Do I Need a Lawyer with Expertise in AI Technology?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in today’s tech-heavy and fast-paced innovation economy. For businesses seeking to benefit from the growing AI sector, legal issues should be at the forefront of your business model and growth. Our team of AI professionals and lawyers provides a comprehensive set of services for early-stage, growth, and mature businesses focusing on the AI space. As an established technology law firm with a history of helping AI technologies grow, we are well-positioned to help your AI company manage legal risks and grow. We can help you maximize ROI for each legal dollar spent through a combination of machine learning and LLM expertise, and law firm efficiency.

We Can Help With …

Business Contract Negotiation & Drafting.

Our AI lawyers can review, draft, advise, and negotiate any necessary business agreement. Contracts will govern all aspects of your business operations, including your relationship with vendors, employees, customer agreements, and other businesses you deal with regularly.  These relationships must be governed by contracts that protect your interests. Lawyers play a crucial role in developing and managing your business by providing various contract drafting, negotiation, and dispute resolution services. Their main goal is to ensure that all business agreements are legally sound, reduce risk and protect your interests. Our AI attorneys can review your existing contracts to ensure regulatory compliance and identify potential legal issues. If a new agreement is needed, we can draft a contract that clearly outlines the terms and conditions of the relationship. In addition, our AI lawyers can advise you on the legal implications of specific contract terms, educate you, and help you make informed decisions. A good AI lawyer can secure favorable terms for your business during negotiations and provide a real return on investment. Whether it’s with vendors, employees, customers, or other businesses, having contracts in place is essential for the success and longevity of your AI business. Our artificial intelligence (AI) lawyers are specialists who understand machine learning (ML) technology, legal issues related to AI technology development – such as intellectual property rights (IPR), copyright or patent infringement; legal issues relating to data privacy, data protection legislation; GDPR, cybersecurity law; cyber liability insurance; cyber security insurance.

Software as a Service (“SaaS”) Agreement Negotiation & Drafting.

Many AI technology companies offer cloud services to end users on a subscription basis. This is the essence of software as a service (“SaaS”). SaaS differs from software licensing, where users download software onto their servers. SaaS users never download software. Instead, they subscribe to your service hosted on your web servers. SaaS contracts are common in the machine learning market Some AI companies are connecting with an API from another provider to offer white-label solutions and commercialization (i.e., OpenAI). You might need to agree to a SaaS agreement and draft your own. Our experienced team of AI lawyers can help you develop and deploy AI technology as a subscription cloud service. We can help negotiate upstream and draft downstream SaaS agreements for your subscribers. Whether you’re launching a new AI service or looking to upgrade your existing SaaS contracts, our AI project group can help.

Entity formation (C-Corps, LLCs).

When starting a business, choosing the right entity type is crucial in establishing a solid foundation for success. As your business grows, you may need to change your entity type or structure to take in investment dollars.   Our corporate legal team can help you make this important decision by advising on the different types of entities available and the benefits and drawbacks of each. We specialize in entity formation for C-Corps and LLCs and other corporate filings, handling all of the most popular entity types for small businesses. C-Corps are traditional corporations that offer limited liability protection for owners and the ability to issue stocks. On the other hand, LLCs offer a corporation’s liability protection combined with a partnership’s tax flexibility. Our business lawyers can help you understand the differences between these entities and make an informed decision on which one is right for your business. In addition, our lawyers can help you anticipate the needs of potential investors who may come later in the company’s life cycle and advise on the best entity type to suit you and your future investors. With our expertise in entity formation, you can be confident that your business is starting off on the right foot. We will help you as a start-up through your company growth and exit.

Investment & Funding Negotiation and Contract Drafting.

Your company may require capital to build and grow. But accepting investment dollars requires corporate law expertise. Investor contracts are critical to any successful AI startup, and our law firm can help you navigate this complex area. Our lawyers have decades of experience navigating startups’ unique challenges and opportunities in raising capital. We have the legal expertise to help you position your AI and machine learning company for success. Whether you are in the early stages of securing seed funding or looking to raise additional capital in later rounds, we can help you negotiate optimal transaction terms for both founders and investors. Our goal is to help you achieve a balance between securing the funding you need to grow your business and preserving the interests of the founding team. With our expertise in investor relations, you can be confident that your AI startup.

Intellectual Property Protection.

Trademark, copyright, and trade secret protection are key considerations for every AI startup.  Identifying, creating, and protecting these valuable intangible assets can add multiples to your valuation. Our AI attorneys are experts in all areas of intellectual property law, including copyright, trademark, and trade secret law. Your intellectual property assets’ are just as crucial as tangible property. There are several critical aspects to IP protection.  Your contracts with founders, employees, and contractors must be drafted to ensure ownership rests with the company or is licensed to the company.  Registration of trademarks and copyright are also important. License agreements with third parties must be drafted to ensure long-term success. Whether you seek to protect your intangible property and other IP assets or defend against infringement, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals. With our comprehensive approach to intellectual property protection, you can focus on growing your AI startup, knowing that your valuable assets are secure.

Dispute Resolution, Litigation & Arbitration.

Litigation and dispute resolution can be stressful and disruptive for your business. Unfortunately, dispute resolution is required, at some point, by most successful businesses. You need a trusted law firm that increases the chances of a successful outcome to avoid litigation and win the case if you find yourself in court. We have a deep understanding of the relevant law, understand how to apply that law to AI, and have a proven track record of successfully resolving disputes. The Traverse Legal firm has the experience your AI company needs to handle all aspects of dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration, and complex litigation. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals and to develop a customized strategy to achieve the best possible outcome. Our litigation practice group takes pride in helping our clients reach a favorable resolution within defined budgets.

Website Agreement Drafting.

Your Terms of Use (TOU), Terms of Service (TOS), Privacy Policy, and Copyright (DMCA) Policies are the contracts between your AI company and everyone who uses your platform. Our law firm specializes in drafting AI-specific website terms for companies like yours. An AI attorney from our law firm can draft from scratch or review and update your existing website agreements, terms of service, privacy agreements, and marketing language to ensure they provide comprehensive protection and comply with state, United States, and international regulations.


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Legal issues facing artificial intelligence companies can be a challenge.  You need a legal team that understands machine learning and large language models (LLM) which drive AI. With Traverse Legal on your side, you receive a wealth of experience and a proven track record of supporting AI technology companies like yours. Our team will help you understand the legal issues you may face and develop strategies to mitigate risk and achieve your business goals.  Trust Traverse Legal to help you navigate the legal landscape with confidence.

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