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Post M&A IP Reminders and Considerations

Congratulations, you have done your due diligence, navigated all the pre-closing activities and legalities and closed your transaction.  Now operations begin, including post-closing obligations (not to mention successful integration into your business).  One of the most important post-M&A activities relates to intellectual property (IP), including patent, trademark and copyright registrations.  In fact, this also includes […]

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Top 10 Startup Considerations

Startups face a multitude of decisions: some have to be made at the outset and many along the way. Having experienced legal counsel assist with making those decisions at the start can go a long way to ensure that the decisions made down-the-line are in furtherance of achieving the company’s goals, rather than fixing issues […]

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Your Trademark Registration May Not Mean You Have Trademark Rights

In the United States, trademark rights belong to the first user of a distinctive trademark in commerce.  These are known as common law trademark rights.  A trademark registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is not required.  That said, there are benefits to registering a trademark with the USPTO.  A federal trademark […]

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